What People are Saying

Starting a Career


"Teresa and My Media Jobs  have helped me further my career in broadcast. Starting a career in news fresh out of college can be overwhelming and stressful. But Teresa helped make the transition a breeze. I ended up with 12 offers all around the United States! "  

Erin B.

Jumped Markets

 "With the help of 'My Media Jobs', I jumped from market 55 to market 7. Someone from the station saw my resume and reel on the Media Jobs website and contacted me for an interview before I even applied there! I am thrilled about moving to D.C. and thankful that Media Jobs provides services to help people in the news business."  -Shauna M.

Stations Contact Me

Working with Teresa has been a pleasure. She does all of the work with stations to the point at which they are reaching out to me via email asking for an interview because they had seen my resume tape on her Future Television Stars list. The stations who contacted me were always very professional and the daunting process of job hunting wouldn't have been as smooth or as enjoyable without Teresa's help!"
-Nathan Hopper