Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost?

A:  Talent placement services are all free for talent.   The stations pay to find talent 

I currently have a contract and I'm not looking right now. Do I need to be in the database?

A:  Yes.  Stations have come to us with behind-the-scene searches months before positions are available.   You actually may be looked at long before you realize a job opening is available. 

Who sees my material?

A:  Stations hire My Media Jobs to find candidates that fit the specific qualifications of their openings. 

Is my information public?

A:  No.  We do not make your information public.  The details you give to My Media Jobs are meant solely to help match you to the right stations who are looking for talent. 

Will I get a job?

A:  My Media Jobs does not guarantee job placement.  However, you get no guarantees if you pay for help.   We do get your name out to places you didn't have any knowledge were looking.   You have the opportunity to be seen by more employers.   We give you a few more options you didn't realize were out there. 

I already have an agent. Why do I need to know you?

My Media jobs has established relationships with all the major and reputable talent agencies.   We work together to help connect stations and talent find jobs.  Many of the agencies pass along their clients' information to My Media Jobs.