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TV Stations have many newsroom personnel changes each year.   My Media Jobs is a full-service television employment placement and recruitment firm.  The company’s philosophy is based on simplicity, with personal and direct service, while fulfilling each station’s job employment needs.   My Media Job is your affordable and quick resource for helping provide quality candidates to your television station.

Talent Searches give stations the ability to search for talent.   Station may request a talent search with as many parameters in which they need from a database which includes thousands of names.  Talent searches are meant to give hiring managers detailed information of qualified applicants who match to the station’s credentials.  This saves hours of time sifting through résumés and videos of people who may not be the right fit or quite frankly, qualify for that job. 


Our personalized service focuses on the needs of your station and each position you have opening in your newsroom.  

Looking through resumes is time consuming

Let's face it.  The second you put out an ad, you get a number of people apply, and many times those applicants are in no way qualified for that job position.  If the following circumstances have happened to you, then you need to contact My Media Jobs immediately.  We can help.

  *The person has no newsroom experience
  *The candidate is still under a contract and cannot move
  *There are not enough qualified candidates who fit my job description
  *They want a higher salary than you can offer or make too much already
  *The candidate applies for the job and then never calls back after you contact them
  *You don't have enough applicants for the job

Don't waste your time looking through hundreds of resumes that won't get your anywhere.   My Media Jobs provides you with current information for each available candidate along with a resume and video link/resume of their material.

How we can help you

Customized Searches

 Pay for searches as you need them.  No long term commitments. 

Future Television Stars

 Unique reel each spring and winter with each season's most talented television graduates, hoping to find their first job in television.  This reel is only offered for purchase for a limited time each year.   Talent on these reels go very quickly.    

Talent Showcase

Check out available talent immediately.

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