News Director Directory

Current News Director Movement

Lisa Chavez - KTVB/Boise, ID.  Promoted from Assistant News Director.

Mike Dello Stritto - KOVR/KMAX/Sacramento, CA.  Moves from KTNV/Las Vegas

Chad Matthews - WABC/New York, NY.  Promoted from Assistant News Director.

Ben Dobson - WBTS/Boston. Moves from WVIT/Hartford, CT.

Karin Movesian - WNEM/Saginaw, MI.  Moves from KSDK/St. Louis. 

Dan Delgado - KCAU/Sioux City, IA.  Moves from KSNT as Assistant News Director

Sarah Burgess - WFXT/Boston, MA. Promoted from Managing Editor  

Gino Lamont - KMIR/Palm Springs, CA.   

Debi Highland - WNKY/Bowling Green, KY.  Moves from Print to Television

Alex De Leon - WTVO/Rockford, IL.  Promoted from Executive Producer

Michele Gors - WAOW/Wausau, WI.  Moves from KPTS/Wichita, KS as General Manager

Mark Little - WLBT/Jackson, MS.  Moves from WIS/Columbia, SC as News Director

MaryBeth Jacoby - WVLT/Knoxville, TN.  Moves from WLTX/Columbia, SC as News Director

Tom Bell - KVVU/Las Vegas, NV.  Moves from KOVR/Sacramento as News Director

Kelly Frank - WTSP/Tampa, FL.  Moves from WBNS/Columbus, OH as News Director 

Chris Avery - KECI/KCFW/KTVM-TV, Montana.  Moves from KSTU/Salt Lake City as Executive Producer

Joe Terrell - KLTV/KTRE-TV, Tyler/Lufkin/Longview, TX.  Adds ND duties from anchoring at the station.

Sarah Zak - WFTX-TV, Ft. Myers, FL.  Moves from WCPO/Cincinnati as Assistant News Director

Cody Broadway - KIDY/KXVA-TV, San Angelo/Abilene, TX. Moves from KUSA Producer.

Lon Lucas - WEEK/WHOI-TV, Peoria, IL.  Moves from KLAS/Las Vegas as Executive Producer

Jeff Kiernan - WTMJ/Milwaukee, WI.  Moves from WBBM/Chicago as News Director

Ryan Minnaugh - WFLA/Tampa, FL.  Moves from WTKR/Norfolk as News Director

Adam Bradshaw - KFDX/Wichita Falls, TX.   Moves from KVVU/Las Vegas as News Director

Morgan Schaab - WAND/Decatur, IL.   Promoted from Assistant News Director

J Bates - KIFI/Idaho Falls, ID.  Promoted from Digital Director

Bob Rockstroh - WFFF/Burlington, VT.  Moves from WETM/Elmira, NY as News Director

Tim Maestas - KOB/Albuquerque, NM.  Moves from WREG/Memphis as Producer

Mike Oliviera - WSOC/Charlotte.  Moves from WFXT/Boston as News Director

Amy Morris - WNBC/New York, NY.  Moves from WPVI/Philadelphia as News Director

​Megan Lewis - KFBB/KHBB-TV, Great Falls, MT.   Promoted from Executive Producer

Jay Quaintance - WJHL-TV/Johnson City, TN.  Moves from WATE/Knoxville as Assistant News Director

Perry Boxx - WPSD-TV/Paducah, KY.  Comes from WEEK/WHOI Peoria, IL as News Director

Mandi Johnston-Mendoza - WOAI/KABB/San Antonio.   Promoted from Assistant News Director to News Director

Ian Rubin - WOIO/Cleveland.  Moves from WNEM/Saginaw, MI as News Director

Vonn Jones - KETV/Omaha, NE.  Promoted from Assistant News Director to News Director

Bill Dallman - KOMO/Seattle, WA.   Moves from KCBS/Los Angeles as News Director

Mark Rosen - WTVM/Columbus, GA.   Moves from WFFF/WVNY-TV, Burlington, VT as News Director

Grendel Levy - WOWK/Charleston, WV.   Moves from KIVI/Boise as News Director

Ben Stanfield - WHDN/Dothan, AL.   Adds ND duties.

Greg Phillips - WMC/Memphis, TN.   Comes from WVUE/New Orleans as Assistant News Director 

Brandon Sherer - Spectrum Central Carolina.   Comes from WTVD/Raleigh as Assistant News Director

Dwayne Fatherree - KADN/Lafayette, LA.   Promoted from Assistant News Director

Sean Carroll - WSTM/Syracuse, NY.   Comes from WHAM/News Director

Tara Finestone - KCBS/Los Angeles, CA.  Promoted from Assistant News Director